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Progress Report

Progress Report The small stuff- Furniture and fixtures have been sold, donated or stored. Water, gas and electricity have been disconnected from the entire west end and it's looking very empty.  It's a big clean up!

It's surprising all the small things that go on behind the scenes. While it might appear on the surface that progress is slow, the reality is the club has been a hive of activity. There are contractors seemingly everywhere, all doing their bit before the demolition. Floor tiles containing asbestos have been removed, and temporary partitions are going up.

If you've been in the area recently, you'll have noticed a few things have changed on the outside. The garages have been relocated across the parking lot,  fencing has gone up around the area set for demolition, and some cladding has been removed in a few areas.

The big stuff- Some big visual changes will be obvious soon enough.  Demolition work will re-commence early in January, after the well earned…

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